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2017 - Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

About the Artist



Bonny Bahry creates commission pieces since retiring from her second career as a Special Effects Makeup Artist for Film in Vancouver, BC.  Honoured with an Emmy and Leo Award, she showcased her realistic artistry on canvas, silicone, foam, clay and human flesh.

Mainly a self-taught artist with an honours art certification her most valued formal training has been in studying for years with International Artist, Gene Prokop of Edmonton, AB where she fell in love with the techniques used by the Old Masters.  She was drawn into realism, defining richness and mood, lights and darks, layers and soft edges with beautiful earth tones and complementary colors! 


Bonny was also fortunate to have been part of a mentorship program and attended portrait and landscape classes with International Exhibiting Artist Kristy Gordon of New York, NY.  As a credit to Kristy Gordon, Bonny’s realistic work often embodies a sense of mystery and imagination.


Bonny previously owned her own Art Gallery in Yellowknife, NT, and has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions including the Federation of Canadian Artists Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC; Gallery of the Midnight Sun, Arctic Art Gallery and Arrow Makers Gallery in Yellowknife, NT. She enjoyed sold out shows of her original art pieces and has sold hundreds of prints worldwide.  She has also been featured in newspapers and published on numerous covers.


Her paintings are part of various collections worldwide including, Diavik Diamond Mines in Lac de Gras, NT, City Hall Heritage Committee in Yellowknife, NT, Mining Heritage Art Collection in Yellowknife, NT, Boston Scientific in Toronto, ON, The Biddolph Family in South Africa and The Truter Family in Australia.


Bonny Bahry   -  CV


Born in Athabasca, AB

Lived in Yellowknife, NT, Canada, Lake Country, BC and Vancouver, BC

2024                      Currently taking Commissions.  Please contact me for Original sales.



2003 to 2017         Formal training at “Pros Art Atelier” in Edmonton, Alberta and Kelowna, BC from Master International Artist Gene Prokop.

                              See Link:

2016-2017             Mentorship Program with International Exhibiting Artist, Kristy Gordon, New York, NY

2014 to 2017         Portrait classes and live model figure classes with International Exhibiting Artist, Kristy Gordon of New York , NY

2014                      Acrylic painting classes with Linda Lovisa of Kelowna, BC

2011                      Mixed media class with Jean Pedersen, Yellowknife, NT

2010                      Figurative clay workshop with the Late Pat Keenan, Yellowknife, NT.

2008                      3 Dimensional Sculpture workshop with Alberta Professional Sculptor Brian McArthur.  Yellowknife, NT

2000 to 2004         Honors certification in the Commercial and Fine Arts program through Granton Institute of Technology in Toronto.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:


2010                     Solo Art Show, “Inspirations” ,  Yellowknife, NT

2003-2011            Northern Images Art Gallery, Yellowknife, NT

2009-2011            Northern Visitors’ Centre, Yellowknife, NT

2009-2011            Yellowknife Airport Gift Shop, Yellowknife, NT


Selected Group Exhibitions


2024                       2024 Annual International Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC - Cambodian Temple Doorway

2017                    Juried Exhibition, Active, Associate and Senior Status Members, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC - 2 Works, Cambodia Monk

                            in Training and Cambodia River

2009–2010          Yellowknife Community Art Show, Yellowknife, NT

2010                    Demonstrator and Arts Organizer at Yellowknife, NT Museum

2010                    Demonstrator - Yellowknife Art Market

2009                    Guest Artist - Beer Barge BBQ Bash Event

2009                    Guest Artist – Midnight Sun Float Plane Fly-In Event

2009                    96 ft. Mural of Yellowknife History, Collaboration with Aurora Arts Society Members

Selected Collections:


2003-2011           Numerous Commissions by individuals and businesses in the Northwest Territories, other provinces in Canada, the U.S. and                                    Internationally (South Africa and Australia)

2010                    Avens Manor Dementia Centre, Yellowknife, NT

2010                    RTL Robinson Enterprises Ltd., Yellowknife, NT

2009-2010           MLA Glen Abernethy, Yellowknife, NT

2009                    Boston Scientific, Toronto, Canada

2009                    Mining Heritage Committee Art Collection, Yellowknife, NT

2009                    Diavik Diamond Mines Mining Art Collection,  Lac de Gras,NT

2009                    Baker Centre for Seniors, Tribute to Barb Bromley

2008                    City Hall Heritage Artwork Collection, Yellowknife, NT

2008                    Two murals, “Tribute to Mining” and “Diamonds!” purchased by BHP Billiton Diamonds and donated to the City of Yellowknife,                                  are displayed on main street Yellowknife,  NT.

2004-2005           Air Tindi, Yellowknife, NT


Selected Publications:


2004-2009           Artwork published for 6 consecutive years on the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines Annual Geoscience Forum conference                                     brochures.

2005-2008           Artwork published 3 consecutive years on calendars for Northern Frontier Safety Corporation, Yellowknife, NT.

2007                    Designed logo for Diavik Diamond Mine’s Mine Rescue Team 

2007                    Designed logo for Yellowknife Skating Club, Yellowknife, NT

2001                    Artwork published on the City of Yellowknife’s Annual Report




2011                    “Creating gold by preserving history”, by Daron Letts, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd., Jan. 7, P 15

2010                    “Sharing Space, Artists Collaborate to present solo exhibitions” By Daron Letts, Northern News Services Ltd. Nov. 5, P 14

2010                    “Outdoor Artistry”, by Daron Letts, Northern News Services Ltd., Aug. 4, P 11

2010                    “Art of the Week”, Northern News Services Ltd. July 23, P 18

2010                    “Molding life from Clay”, by Adrian Lysenko, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd. April 9, P 15

2009                    “The Art of Tranquility” , by Daron Letts, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd. July 31, P13

2008                    “Hidden Talent on School Draw Ave.”, Daron Letts, The Yellowknifer.  Northern News Services Ltd. Sept. 19, P 18

2008                    “Love in 3 dimensions” by Daron Letts, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd., Oct. 24, P B2

2008                    “Art and Sport Work Together”,  by Daron Letts, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd. Nov. 21, P 25

2006                    “Steady Now”, Sept. 26 and “Glittering Painters” Sept. 22 by Jessica Klinkenberg, Northern News Services Ltd.

2005                    “Run for Our Lives – CIBC”   The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd. Sept. 23, P 17

2005                    “Treasure trove of fine art”, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services Ltd. Nov. 16, P A17

2005                    “Yellowknife Art, Local Artists display their creations during Artsweek” by Roxanna Thompson, The Yellowknifer, Northern News                                 Services Ltd. Oct. 7, P A15

2005                    “City prepares for Heritage Week” by Dorothy Westerman, The Yellowknifer, Northern News Services, Jan. 19, P 13

2004                    “Mining Heritage” by Jennifer Geens, Northern News Services



I am committed to various causes and proudly donated my time and artwork to many organizations while living in Yellowknife, NT, including:

  • Sponsorship of an annual “Art Award” for Junior High school students of William MacDonald School.

  • Donated artwork to the local Dementia Centre.

  • Donated time to be the co-coordinator of an Art Buying committee for the local Dementia Centre – ensuring the new facility was filled with Northern Artwork.

  • Donated an original painting for the launch of the local Breast Cancer organization,  “Run for our Lives” and volunteer at the annual fund raising event.

  • Donation of Artwork titled “Barb Bromley” to the Baker Centre for Seniors.

  • Donation of artwork and art cards to help fundraising for the Mining Heritage Society.

  • Created logo for local Skating Club.

  • Donate to Local sports groups, Yellowknife Schools, Children’s Wish Foundation, and other non-profit groups.                                       

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