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Sugar Lake

Sugar Lake - Linda and Terry_edited.jpg

Linda and Terry

Thetis Island

Kelsey and Ivan

Gord and I can not be happier with our original painting that Bonny completed to commemorate our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Eagle Rock will always have a very special place in our heart and this painting provides us with a connection to this place in our home for all to see.  Thanks again Bonny for your attention to every detail so that with the viewing of this painting, we are instantly taken back to all our beautiful cabin on Great Slave Lake.  We just love it as does everyone who sees it.

Bernadette and Gord Stewart, Owners of Original Oil Painting of "Eagle Rock"

Eagle Rock

Memories of Yellowknife Old Town

It was a wonderful journey watching Bonny create this amazing memory of Yellowknife.  Before we started we discussed it many times.  Bonny has a wonderful ability to convert thoughts into reality and I was quite overcome when I viewed the first sketch, it was perfect.  Our whole family loves the painting and it takes pride of place in our dining room where we look out over a typical African garden setting.  Many visitors comment on this beautiful painting and can't believe the location.  It helps us reminisce about our 3 years in Yellowknife and our time paddling around Back Bay.  We are so glad we asked Bonny to paint this scene and hope our paths will cross again in the future. 


Much love from Jill, Tom, Rose, Harriet and Charlie Biddulph

Memories of Yellowknife Old Town

Northern Lights

I came from Australia to the far north of Canada a few years ago and after surviving my first brush with a real winter I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and the opportunities and challenges that I have faced. One of the things that is unique for me about Yellowknife and the north is the amazing Northern Lights. Thanks Bonny for capturing their life and energy so well and allowing me to take one of the unique and truly awe inspiring pieces of the north with me where ever I go.

Jamen Oliver, Owner of Original Oil Painting of "Northern Lights"


Consolation Lake

The Home of Louise and John Vertes

Peaceful Memories

Donation to the Dementia Centre, Yellowknife, NT

Prosperous Lake

Fall Skies

Yellowknife Bay


In Memory of the Late John Zigarlik

Melting Runway

Critical Load

Flooding the Ice Road

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